Distilled in a copper pot still, our products are created much like those of our ancestors.  We use locally grown corn milled at the distillery and our water comes from a natural spring that is on the property.

The products we offer are of the highest quality to keep the family proud!  Our skilled craftsmen take both pride in their work and the end results, true to the family.  This give you the best of both worlds --- time proven recipe and modern upgrades to accommodate our many valued customers.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope if you are ever in our neighborhood, you will stop by for a visit. 

Our hours are Tuesday- Saturday 8 am to 4pm.  We would love to show you around the distillery and answer any questions that you may have.

Contact us for more information at ……

Southern Pride Distillery

108 Smith Mill Road

Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334

Phone:  (931) 433-9137

108 Smith Mill Road
​Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334

(931) 433-9137

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About Us

We are proud to be a modern part of an Old-World industry that has stood the test of time.  With having 20 years experience in the distilled spirits industry, it was only a natural progression for us to apply both our experience and passion to create premium distilled spirits…..and so Southern Pride Distillery was started.

A dream made real in March of 2012, Southern Pride Distillery became a small batch artisan distillery committed to producing some of the finest distilled spirits on the market today.  To say that our ancestors held their families and whiskey recipes close to their hearts is an understatement.  Our story starts with a great grandmother and her Bible with the family recipe tucked safely inside the cover.  Preserved by family members as all family secrets are.