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Our Products

Just like the Hills of Tennessee mean home to us, so does treating our customers like family.  Sharing a sip with our customers makes you a part of our extended family. 

Green Apple - Stop by and try our new green apple shine.


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Blackberry - Traditional Tennessee Flavor.  Smooth and sweet.

Double Barrel Charred Shine and

Double Barrel Charred Cinnamon Shine now available in Tennessee.  You'll want to try these soon.

Now Available!

Tennessee Whiskey, White Whiskey, Peach Whiskey, Double Barrel Whiskey, Cinnamon Whiskey.

Southern Pride Distillery Original, Apple, Peach, Green Apple and Blackberry Moonshine now available in the following States


Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Ohio, Montana and soon to be in Georgia, Florida, and Texas





Original Flavor - True to our heritage, the original moonshine is smooth and mellow.

Peach Flavor - Slice it up, pour it on, and its all over but the crying.  See what we can do with a peach.  You can add this to your favorite tea to spice it up.

Apple Flavor
-  An American Iconic flavor that needs no introduction.  Just plain ole good!